USP and Public Policy

Strengthening medicines quality systems to keep patients safe

USP advances the well-being and safety of consumers and patients by advocating for quality medicines, dietary supplements and foods. We work to promote the integrity of the global supply chain, from discovery and manufacturing to distribution and use.

At the core of our work is evidence-based outreach, advocacy and collaboration with Federal and state policy makers and other stakeholders. We also work across the globe through international policy and regulatory analysis, advocacy and collaboration with governments, multilateral institutions, regional cooperation initiatives and other stakeholder organizations.

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us capitol
us capitol

USP Comments to Congress on

America COMPETES Act

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Working to protect lives in the US and across the globe

medicines supply chain
The global medicines supply chain

USP standards build public trust in medicines, and are an important resource in the medicine supply chain safety net to ensure safe, quality medicines reach patients.

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antimicrobial resistance
Combatting antimicrobial resistance

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) causes an estimated 700,000 deaths annually worldwide, and every country is potentially affected. If not properly addressed, the number could grow to 10 million per year by 2050.

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medicines supply chain
medicines supply chain

USP applauds bipartisan leadership on PREVENT Pandemics Act

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usp monographs
usp monographs

What is a USP monograph?

Ensuring patient safety, securing the drug supply chain and accelerating product development.

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A foundational resource for patient safety

collaboration with FDA
Collaboration with FDA

USP and FDA work together to make medicines, dietary supplements and food ingredients in the US among the safest in the world.

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pharmacist handing over generic medicines
Building trust in generic medicines

We can help increase patient access to medicines by facilitating generics competition through, training and education, and collaborations.

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usp on the issues
USP on the issues

Read USP's perspectives on various public health issues.

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